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Formed in Toronto during 1980, Coney Hatch was named after the infamous psychiatric hospital in Muswell Hill, a suburb of London , UK (spelt Colney Hatch) that bassist Andy Curran's parents lived near before emigrating to Canada. In 1981, an ad was placed in the Toronto Star, looking for a singer/guitarist to join a working band with management. 


Singer/guitarist Carl Dixon joined Andy, drummer Dave Ketchum, guitarist Steve Shelski, and on they went to release a kickass Kim Mitchell-produced debut album in 1982, ‘Coney Hatch’ (certified Gold in Canada), that resounded through the rock world and launched the group’s career to rock fans around the world. The Hatch toured with some of the biggest names in rock such as Peter Frampton, Ted Nugent, Edgar Winter, Cheap Trick, and lengthy stints with opening for Judas Priest (27+ shows) and Iron Maiden (40+ shows).


Music videos for “Fantasy” and “Devils Deck” were featured on MTV, and “Hey Operator” broke into Canada’s Top 20, but lack of promo and difficulties with management saw the Hatch go their separate ways after three albums (‘Coney Hatch,’ ‘Outa Hand,’ and ‘Friction’). Some reunion gigs in the 90s and a compilation CD (‘Best of Three’) kept the guys connected.


In 2008, Carl Dixon was nearly killed in a car accident in Australia. Andy Curran spoke through the phone to Carl while Carl lay in a coma, when it seemed that Carl would not survive, Andy told Carl "the Hatch still has more rocking to do, you gotta survive.”


They both kept the bargain! Carl incredibly survived the automobile accident (and now sports numerous titanium implants); Andy spearheaded the four’s reunion that led to the release in 2013 of what many say is their best album yet, ‘Coney Hatch Four.’ It was voted into the UK's top 50 rock albums of 2013 by Classic Rock Magazine.


In 2014, the Hatch line-up changed, adding lead guitarist Sean Kelly (Lee Aaron, Nelly Furtado, Crash Kelly) to bring new life into those brilliant riffs. Coney Hatch toured with Steve Harris's British Lion to packed venues in November 2018, followed by a December appearance to rock Germany's HEAT Festival, and in 2019, returned to Bully Les Mines in France in 2019, and a year later, to the classic El Mocambo in Toronto and AGAIN in 2022 to mark the 40th anniversary of their debut album. Their incredible live show was recorded and mixed for release titled  ‘Postcard from Germany.’ The impending release on EXP1 Records includes two smoking hot new studio tracks, “Heaven’s On The Other Side” and the single “It’s About A Girl”. Coney Hatch received rave reviews for their set at Sweden Rock 2023. Straight off the bat from that they released the new music video for "It's About A Girl". 2024: POSTCARD FROM GERMANY live album released on vinyl from APRIL 20. Forty + years since their first hit and they're still knocking it out of the park.


Years active:

1982 (signed) - present




Toronto Canada

Original Lineup:

Andy Curran

Dave Ketchum

Steve Shelski

Carl Dixon

2018- Lineup

Andy Curran

Dave Ketchum

Carl Dixon

Sean Kelly


EX1 Records, Anthem, Polygram Mercury



Associated acts:

Carl Dixon, British Lion, Helix

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